CTS SOLUTION is proud to offer high-quality, cutting-edge components to a wide range of clients in the medical field. With the ability to handle production runs of virtually any size and the capacity to manufacture components to even the highest standards, it’s no wonder that medical leaders have trusted CTS SOLUTION for their metal stamping and forming needs for more than 15 years.





Phosphor Bronze

Beryllium Copper


Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel


Galvanized Steel



The medical device industry is wide-ranging, from implants and instruments to equipment intended for therapeutics, monitoring, and diagnostics. These include reconstructive devices such as hip and knee replacements as well as monitors for cardiac and diabetic care. Here are more medical applications that utilize stamped metal parts.

3D imaging

Measurement and inspection tools

Patient care kiosks

Diagnostic apparatuses

Instrument connectors, plugs, and fittings

Device housings, sleeves, and enclosures

Medical device industry manufacturers continually strive for new and innovative ways to enhance product quality at a competitive manufacturing cost. Medical manufacturers must be very thorough in their research and selection of a stamping supplier to produce flawless medical parts. If medical parts are manufactured poorly, it can cause complete medical device failure, which can negatively impact patients, healthcare professionals and the equipment manufacturer alike. This fallout can include expensive recalls, negative customer feedback, degraded company perception, and ultimately, reduced profit margins. When you partner with CTS Solution, you can be confident your medical stampings are always being produced with careful attention and highly advanced quality controls.

Whether research-and-development or multi-million-quantity production, CTS Solution can meet your needs with a full suite of stamped metal parts solutions for our medical sector manufacturing partners.

Contact us today to learn more about our medical metal stamping services.

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